Sunday, August 13, 2017

Shoe selfies to the extreme?


I've been taking pictures of my shoes since before I had a smartphone and before the word selfie came into lingo.

These pictures above were all taken with a digital camera by bending over and snapping, to piggyback on the words of Legally Blonde.

But for some shoe selfie takers have decided to up the ante.

Refinery29 recently detailed a reporter strapping herself into a doorless helicopter just for shoe selfies. While the pictures are amazing, its over the top.

While that is experience is perfectly legal and with safety precautions, other shoe selfie takers are even more extreme.

For example, Instagrammer Tom Bruise, climbs bridges and roofs to get pictures with amazing backdrops. He even has been tapped by shoe and clothing brands to show their product on his shots, according to Refinery29.

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Bruise isn't alone.

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As much as I like my shoe selfies, and post them almost daily on Snapchat, I couldn't imagine going to these lengths. It's amazing what people will do for the 'gram and social media fame.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The gold standard for making men's shoes?

Technology is revolutionizing everything from how we shop for shoes, to the weight of our sneakers and even if we have to lace them ourselves. But most experts agree the best way to make men's shoes is a method invented 150 years ago.

It's known as the Goodyear Welt and while it is more expensive, the shoes can last forever.

The method is used by high-end brands, including Mezlan and Allen Edmonds.

Here are the ways a men's dress shoe can be made.


This is the cheapest and fastest way of attaching the sole to the rest of the shoe, according to Primer Magazine. Its attached with an adhesive and no stitching. While cheap, it does not last as long as other methods. A downside is that often the sole cannot be repaired and the shoe will need to be replaced.

The Blake Welt:
The Blake Welt uses stitching instead of adhesive to attach the sole. The stitching is located on the inside of the shoe and must be done by machine, according to Primer Magazine.

The advantages of the Blake Welt are that it is more secure than cementing and since the stitching is small, the sole can be cut close to the top. The sole is also usually repairable. While more expensive than cementing, it is less expensive than the Goodyear Welt.

The Goodyear Welt:

The Goodyear Welt is the oldest method, invented in 1869, according to Mezlan.

It uses an extra piece of leather that its attached between the upper and the sole. It has special stitching that runs along the outside of the sole, giving these shoes a distinctive look.

While the Goodyear Welt is the most expensive method, it lasts the longest and is easiest to repair, according to Mezlan. It is also more water resistant, according to Primer Magazine.

To perform the Goodyear Welt requires skills. Mezlan makes their shoes using artisan shoemakers at a factory in Almansa, Spain. They are still hand sewn.

Be careful, the stitching doesn't tell the whole story. According to Mezlan, some shoe makers add the stitching to make you think the shoe is made with a Goodyear Welt.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Did Pippa Middleton wear the shoes of the summer on her honeymoon?

After a high profile wedding, Pippa Middleton and her husband, James Matthews jetted off to Tahiti, according to the Daily Mail. And all eyes are still on Pippa's dress and shoe choices.

In the next stop, Sydney, she was spotted in espadrille wedges. Espadrilles a popular summer choice, have been called the shoe of summer 2017.

Pippa's pair is the Castaner wedge lace-up espadrilles, according to the Daily Mail. They retail for $175 and are currently sold out.

Other celebrities have also been spotted in espadrilles this summer, including Jennifer Aniston, according to PopSugar.

Also, on her honeymoon, Pippa has been spotted in black L.K. Bennett sandals, according to the Daily Mail. L.K. Bennett is also a favorite of sister Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Those sandals are still available for just over $90.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Can new Nike sneakers let you walk on air?

Its well known you can't walk on water, but now you can walk on air.

Earlier this year, Nike announced a new sole, made completely of its air technology. And today, a rainbow version in honor of Pride Month was released, Air VaporMax BETRUE. Unfortunately, they are already sold out.

To understand how this is revolutionary, let's take a look at the history of Nike Air. 

In 1987 Nike introduced the first Nike Air Max with visible air unit. In 1997, Nike developed the ability to put air cushioning along the entire sole, according to the sneaker manufacturer.

Those older versions needed a layer of rubber to keep the air from breaking. This made the shoes heavier and they often became a fashion statement instead of something for working out.

Nike Air Motion LW Sneaker

The above Nike sneakers I bought as casual sneakers, instead of athletic wear. They feature an air cushion in the heel and are very comfortable.

The new Nike Air VaporMax does not need that extra rubber leading to an ultra lightweight sole. The air unit also holds its shape, adding more flexibility. 

The upper on the sneaker is Nike's FlyKnit technology, which is also lightweight. 

The shoes are designed to have a cushy feel for running, as if you're running on a cloud.

 Unfortunately demand for the sneakers has outpaced supply and every version has sold out quickly. Many love the style even if they don't run. 

The downside for runners is that some reviews have said the shoes lack support and take an adjustment period.

I would love to try them if I could get my hands on a pair.

The Nike Air VaporMax retails for between $190-200.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Royal Fashion: Kate Middleton's shoes for Pippa's wedding

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton may have gotten all the attention for keeping the bridal party filled with children, a common occurrence at British royal weddings, quiet, but I could not help but wonder what shoes she would wear.

True to British royal tradition, Middleton did not want to upstage sister, Pippa and went with very classic pumps.

According to Footwear News, Middleton wore Gianvito Rossi 105 suede pumps, which retail for $675.

The shoes are a very classic choice, although she gets credit for working with children in 4 inch pumps.