Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretty toes and feet: A history of pedicures

Ancient Egyptian art work showing what many believe is an early pedicure-like treatment. (Image from Wikipedia)

As I commute on the subway, I notice all different shades of freshly painted toe-nails ,from the bright summery pinks, to the edgy dark jewel tones and trendy pastels. Of course, some classic pale pinks and traditional reds are thrown in. As I admired the shades I see, I started to wonder about the history of pedicures. According to Mary Bellis of About.com, sandals were one of the most common type of footwear in early civilizations (Bellis, n.d.). Since sandals have been around so long and so prominently display one’s feet, when were pedicures invented?

Ancient Egypt is believed to be the birthplace of the pedicure, according to MiMi Abney of eHow.  The picture above came from the wall of a pharaoh’s tomb and is believed to show the pharaoh receiving foot and leg massages from his servants (Abney, n.d.).

The word pedicure comes from the Latin words "pes," which means foot, and "cura," which means care (Abney, n.d.).

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Would you get married in the shoe aisle of T.J. Maxx?

This weekend, all the attention has been on the wedding of Chelsea Clinton. However, I think some of the attention should have been given to the wedding of Lisa Satayut and Drew Ellis. While you probably have not heard of them, their wedding took place in a pretty amazing place, the shoe aisle of their local T.J. Maxx in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Click here for pictures.

Lisa Ellis had always dreamed of getting married in the size 8 shoe aisle at T.J. Maxx. The store helped make her dream come true by widening the aisle, adding a vine covered arch and seats for her guests. Musicians performed before and after the ceremony.

Despite being surrounded by shoes and wearing a pretty interesting pair of green gladiators, the bride says she didn’t look at the shoes on her walk down the aisle.