Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Christmas Shoes

“Sir, I want to buy these shoes for my Mama, please
It's Christmas Eve and these shoes are just her size
Could you hurry, sir, Daddy says there's not much time
You see she's been sick for quite a while
And I know these shoes would make her smile
And I want her to look beautiful if Mama meets Jesus tonight”(Lyrics from Elyrics.net)

Although Christmas is usually a joyous time, some Christmas songs may bring tears. The Christmas Shoes is a well-known sad holiday song that topped a Billboard chart in January 2001. Yet, many wish the song was played less.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nose Jobs, Liposuction…Now plastic surgery for feet

Botox, tummy tucks, face-lifts, breast augmentation, limp plumpers, nose jobs, and liposuction: we are surrounded by stories of people using plastic surgery to change their appearances. Now, the trend is really from head to toe with a growing number of women opting for cosmetic surgery to make their feet look better and sometime to make high-heels more comfortable.

Some observers are calling the trend the 'Sex and the City' effect after the supposed obsession with shoes the show caused (Dakss, 2005).

The procedures can costs up to $3,000 and foot plastic surgery industry is estimated to be a $45 million business, according to ABC News’ Nightline

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Controversial Ugg Boot

My imitation Ugg boots

The weather has all of a sudden turned chilly, and although they are worn almost all year, Ugg boots are being seen all around. Uggs and all their copies are quite controversial. While they are praised for their warmth and comfort, they are disliked for their looks. For many they put the “ugg” in ugly.

The page Ugg boots are ugly has 1,882 Facebook “likes,” while the official Ugg Australia page  has 1,773 fans. This highlights the close debate.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Giant Blow-up Shoes: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons

Can you imagine shoes a couple of stories high and filled with air? The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloons wear just these shoes.

On Wednesday, I went to the blowing up of the balloons near Central Park. This event happens every year before the parade and includes thousands of people. It’s an amazing way to see the balloons up close, but be prepared for massive crowds.

I braved the crowds to bring you pictures, especially of shoes and feet.

Here is a peg-legged pirate.

I know this isn’t technically a shoe, but see a close-up of his pegleg.

Monday, November 22, 2010

To Repair or Not to Repair: The Growing Trend to Repair Shoes

After finally finding the perfect black flats, stylish, classic, and comfy, I looked down one day to find one of the military-inspired straps had come loose. I was faced with a dilemma—should I repair it or search for a replacement?

I recently discussed how Mayor Bloomberg only owns two pairs of shoes. He is able to keep those two pairs of dress shoes for so long is through regular repairs.

However, his shoes were expensive to begin with, so the repairs seem worthy. For me, my shoes were Steve Madden flats bought at Century 21 (New York City’s amazing discounter) for $25. The estimate for the repair was up to $12.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Defense of Fashion: The Stock Price Raising Influence of Michelle Obama

Fashion is often criticized for being frivolous, but a recent study from New York University found that fashion can play an important role in the economy.

The study used the example of Michelle Obama, who has recently become a fashion icon, with blogs like Mrs. O  following her ever choice.

The study found that not only does the first lady’s clothing choices increase sales of items she wore, but also increases their stock prices. David Yermack, professor of finance and business at New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business, performed a year-long analysis of the economic impact of Obama's apparel selections (Oliver & Yeo, 2010).

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shoes on the Brain: Fun and Interesting Shoe Quotes

I recent wrote about a politician’s shoe quote, but he is not the only one to discuss shoes. So, I decided to gather up some of my favorite shoes quotes.

“You want to fall in love with a shoe, go ahead. A shoe can't love you back, but, on the other hand, a shoe can't hurt you too deeply either. And there are so many nice-looking shoes.” Allan Sherman

“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.” Imelda Marcos

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What shoes do you wear to vote on Election Day? Any type you want!

Its Election Day 2010, the time for the midterm elections, and the chance to decide who will control the House and Senate. You should be making many decisions today on who to vote for, if you have not already done so.

However, there is one decision today that doesn’t matter, what shoes you wear. You can wear sexy high-heels, sneakers, flats, or even slippers. Just make sure you got out and vote! Let you’re voice be heard.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

What shoes do you wear to the Rally to Restore Sanity? Sane Ones!

A view of the crowd and the stage before the rally began.

This post is a bit of stretch for a shoe blog, but I went to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on the National Mall yesterday, and wanted to share the experience.

As for my shoes, I wore comfortable and supportive sneakers, which was a very sane decision. I was one my feet for close to 5 hours straight, most of the time just standing. In the crowd, I must admit high-heels were tempting because I had trouble seeing. I often had to rise to my toes to glimpse the performers. However, my feet would have been in major pain if I wore heels to stand all that time and to talk the 2 miles back to where I am staying.

I had never been to a rally in Washington before, so this was definitely an experience.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Through to Your TV: Through the Sole was featured on ABC 7 Eyewitness News

On Thursday, Through the Sole was featured on WABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News as the Morning Link. For video, see above of click here. It was also written about on their Morning Link blog, http://wabc.typepad.com/themorninglink/.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone at WABC for this amazing opportunity.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

ShoeDazzle: Wine, Cheese, now Shoes of the Month by Kim Kardashian!

ShoeDazzle is a recently started shoe of the month club co-founded by Kim Kardashian.

With ShoeDazzle, stylists, such as Kardashian or Anya Sarre, help to present you with a selection of shoes to choose from each month, based on a style questionnaire you fill out.

The shoes cost $39.95, including shipping. There is no fee to join, and returns are accepted.
However, once you purchase your first pair of shoes, you must opt out of the next month by the 5th in order to avoid being charged.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Drag Queens Running Your Way in High Heels

Drag Queens, often in sky-high heels, took to the streets of Washington DC’s DuPont Circle to compete in the 25th Annual High Heel Race.

The crowd packed the sides of the streets for this annual Halloween tradition.

The race took place at 9:00pm, but the festivities kicked up much earlier with the race participants parading around for spectators to view and admire their costumes.

Through to Your TV: Through the Sole to be featured on ABC Local Morning News

I just received very exciting news: Through the Sole will be featured on WABC-TV on Thursday on the early morning news, at 4:30 AM in the New York Metro Area. I hope you can tune in. It will also be featured on their blog, the Morning Link.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone at WABC for this amazing opportunity.

For more information on WABC, please visit their website, 7online.com.

Blister free, comfy feet: Part 3: When all else fails…how to handle blisters on your feet

The adorable Madden Girl zipper pumps that gave me blisters.

I failed to follow my own advice on how to have blister free comfortable feet. Recently, I went out to a play and decided to wear an unworn pair of heels, which turned out to be very uncomfortable. By the end of the night, my feet were covered in blistered.

In case this happens to you, here is some advice to treat blisters and make your shoes and feet more comfortable the next day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Politicians and Shoes: Rent is 2 Damn High Party Will Let You Marry a Shoe

2010 is shaping up to be a quite interesting election year. All sorts of topics have been brought up, like witches. Yet, only recently have shoes entered this election.

At the New York governor candidates’ debate on October 20, all 7 candidates on the ballot were invited, including Jimmy McMillan, of the Rent is 2 Damn High Party (Sicoli, 2010). When asked about gay marriage, he said, “The Rent is 2 Damn High Party feels if you want to marry a shoe, I’ll marry you” (Ngo, 2010). See the end of the above video or click here

I understand the point McMillan was trying to make, but I am unsure why he chose a shoe. It’s still interesting to bring up shoes in a political debate. What do you think?

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Scary and Whimsical World of Halloween Shoes

Halloween is right around the corner. If you’re like me, you’re still trying to figure out what to wear. Now, let’s get to the best part of the costume, the shoes! After all, what would Dorothy costume be without the ruby red slippers? For anyone planning on being Lady Gaga this year, a pretty popular pick, unusual shoes are a requirement. For some inspiration, check out the previous post on Lady Gaga’s shoe choices

One way to make sure you get the right shoe to match your costume is to order a specifically Halloween shoe. Many online stores or costume stores have selections of Halloween shoes prices between $25 and $50.  Here are some of my favorites:

Monday, October 11, 2010

Critical Shopper: Reviewing Shoes and Stores

The Crocs shoes I own. Many are surprised to find out they're made by Crocs.

Crocs are praised by many for their comfort and criticized for their looks. When one thinks of Crocs, one thinks of slip-ons with circular openings. Many also think of the controversy and dislike of Crocs, mainly for their looks.  (For more on this, see Comfort or Style—Can you have both?) Recently, the New York Times under its Critical Shopper column wrote a pretty negative piece about Crocs. This column has run into to trouble before, writing a scathing review of JC Penney’s opening in Manhattan.

The Crocs article, by Jon Caramanica  in its style section criticized Crocs, especially their store in New York City’s fashionable SoHo. Caramanica calls the store, “the neighborhood’s Achilles’ heel.” Furthermore he calls the brand’s ABF flip-flop, “One of the flip-flops, the ABF (for “almost barefoot”), with its single-injected bulbous swoops, could pass for a cousin — an extremely distant one, several times removed, and estranged from the family — of the shoes Zaha Hadid designed for the Brazilian shoemaker Melissa a couple of years ago.” About another pair of flip-flops, Caramanica wrote, “ pair of flip-flops that looked like a withered bathmat sandwiched between two unforgiving slabs of Croslite” Under cost, he wrote, “Cheap, in dollars (or euros, or yen); the tax on the soul has not yet been measured.”

Thursday, October 7, 2010

To the Future: Self-lacing shoes

A video clip from ABC News' Good Morning America showing the shoes, the inventor, and the inspiration.

It’s time to go back to the future. Inspired by a scene in the movie Back to the Future 2 inventor Blake Bevin created a self-tightening shoe. See it in action and the inspiration in the clip above (Ferran, 2010).

Bevin’s shoe uses a small motor that is activated by the push of a button. She designed the shoe for the elderly and disabled, to help make their lives a bit easier. However, she says the product is not yet finished and is looking for donations to make her shoe design better. She hopes not to have to press the button for the laces to tighten (Ferran). For more information and to give a donation, visit her website.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Could you break a Guinness record for speed in high heels?

Running in high-heels is not usually a desired activity; yet, four Australian women just broke the Guinness World Record for fastest sprint in high-heels.

For over a hundred women, running in heels was not just a the only option when they were late, it was a chance to raise money for charity, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and for themselves. The winning team won $1,000 (DailyMotion, 2010 & Adams, 2010).

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celebrities and Shoes: Thrifty Mayor Bloomberg only owns two pairs of shoes!

"it’s fair to say he’s not the shoe industry’s best customer" (WCBS 880, 2010)

The 2010 midterm elections are almost here, and things are heating up. Although he’s not running for re-election this November, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is discussing his footwear.

According to CBS New York, Bloomberg only owns two pairs of work shoes. He has owned these two pairs for the past 10 years. The pairs are both black and one is a penny loafer, while the other has tassels. To keep shoes so long, he has had them re-heeled and the soles replaced (WCBS 880).

As the world’s 23 richest person (Daily Mail, 2010), his shoe possessions, or seeming lack thereof, is quite surprising.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update: Blister free, comfy feet: Part 2: How to make high-heels more comfortable

Psst! My secret, I own two pairs of the same shoes.

In my post on how to make high-heel more comfortable, I forgot one of my best tips, buy heels about a half a size larger than you normally wear. This makes them a lot more comfortable to be in once your foot starts to swell as the day wears on. A good example is these Talbots low heeled sandals I own, see picture above. The black shoe on the right is a size 6. I wore them today, but couldn’t wait to take them off at lunch and the end of the day because the straps push into my feet. The silver shoe on the left is a 6.5. I will wear them to commute about a mile to and from work. The straps don’t dig in at all.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Celebrities and Shoes: The Wacky and Inspiring Shoe Choices of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is making headlines right now for her strong support of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. She is also known for her different and unique clothing choices, such as her dress made of meat at the Video Music Awards (VMAs). Although less known for her shoe choices, she has recently been getting media coverage for them. They include shoes made of meat to match her dress, sky-high stilettos, and heel-less platforms.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

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Social media is the way people connect now. So, Through the Sole is now on Facebook. If you enjoy this blog, please become a fan on Facebook. To do so, search for Through the Sole: A shoe blog, use the like box on the left side, or click here. Fans will get updates on the blog. Thanks so much!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blister free, comfy feet: Part 2: How to make the high-heels you already own more comfortable

Classic black pumps that I got for under $20 at the Talbot's Clearance outlet. Unfortunately after a couple hours in them, my feet hurt.

The other day I went out and wore what seemed like comfortable classic black pumps. Unfortunately, at the end of the night my feet were aching and I could not wait to kick my shoes off. Although I recently decided to shop for comfortable shoes, I can’t throw out the shoes I already own, so I decide to try to find out how to make the heel I already own more comfortable.

One way to make high-heels you own more comfortable is to rotate what shoes you wear. Try to wear a different styles different days and to alternate between high-heels and more comfortable flatter shoes (Kovalovich, n.d.).

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Patriotic shoes in honor of September 11

9/11 is a day I will never forget. Nothing will bring back those who were lost or erase the horrific memories.

 The one thing 9/11 did was to bring together Americans and instill a new sense of patriotism. In the spirit of that patriotism I decide to search the web for shoes with American symbols. When showing one’s pride, most people use t-shirt and pins. However, shoes can also reflect one’s feelings of American loyalty.

Zazzle  has a large selection of Keds shoes in different American flag, red white, and blue, and firework patterns.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Update: Would you get married in the shoe aisle of T.J. Maxx?

I found video footage of the T.J. Maxx shoe aisle wedding, so I wanted to share it. See the video above or click here to view. Enjoy!

The original post: Would you get married in the shoe aisle of T.J. Maxx?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let’s get tweeting: Through the Sole on Twitter

I joined Twitter today and I am going to be posting updates on Through the Sole, so please follow me @jennyanne211. Also, I have added a Twitter button to the bottom of my posts to make it easy for you to spread the word.

Blister free, comfy feet: Part 1: How to shop for comfortable shoes

The cute flats that unfortunately hurt. 

Although it’s still nice and warm, I decided to start getting ready for the upcoming cooler months by wearing flats yesterday. Unfortunately, after a few months of sandals, my feet still hurt today. I decided I am going to try and shop for comfortable shoes, so I am sharing some of the tips I found.

The first is to make sure you have enough time to thoroughly shop. This way you can get the right size, walk in the shoes a bit, and inspect them.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretty toes and feet: A history of pedicures

Ancient Egyptian art work showing what many believe is an early pedicure-like treatment. (Image from Wikipedia)

As I commute on the subway, I notice all different shades of freshly painted toe-nails ,from the bright summery pinks, to the edgy dark jewel tones and trendy pastels. Of course, some classic pale pinks and traditional reds are thrown in. As I admired the shades I see, I started to wonder about the history of pedicures. According to Mary Bellis of About.com, sandals were one of the most common type of footwear in early civilizations (Bellis, n.d.). Since sandals have been around so long and so prominently display one’s feet, when were pedicures invented?

Ancient Egypt is believed to be the birthplace of the pedicure, according to MiMi Abney of eHow.  The picture above came from the wall of a pharaoh’s tomb and is believed to show the pharaoh receiving foot and leg massages from his servants (Abney, n.d.).

The word pedicure comes from the Latin words "pes," which means foot, and "cura," which means care (Abney, n.d.).

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Would you get married in the shoe aisle of T.J. Maxx?

This weekend, all the attention has been on the wedding of Chelsea Clinton. However, I think some of the attention should have been given to the wedding of Lisa Satayut and Drew Ellis. While you probably have not heard of them, their wedding took place in a pretty amazing place, the shoe aisle of their local T.J. Maxx in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Click here for pictures.

Lisa Ellis had always dreamed of getting married in the size 8 shoe aisle at T.J. Maxx. The store helped make her dream come true by widening the aisle, adding a vine covered arch and seats for her guests. Musicians performed before and after the ceremony.

Despite being surrounded by shoes and wearing a pretty interesting pair of green gladiators, the bride says she didn’t look at the shoes on her walk down the aisle.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Designing a Shoe: Part 3

Now that we’ve designed the shoe on paper and on a computer it’s time to hold it in your hand.

This is the final installment of design a shoe. Please see parts 1 and 2 for the previous steps. 

Step 6)

Once the specification sheet is made, you have the necessary instructions to make a model. The model is exactly what the shoe would look like if it was to be ready to be sold in stores. The model is used in the next step, testing, to ensure the shoe performs and as holds up as it’s designed to. The model also shows what the shoe looks like on the foot and allows design elements to be changed to make the shoe more visually appealing.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Designing a Shoe: Part 2

It’s time to continue learning how shoes are designed.  (For part 1, visit here) Now the shoe starts to come alive. Although black shoes are classic, who doesn’t want color and decorations?

Step 3)

Once a rough sketch is made, the color and materials are picked. Rough sketches are often done quickly just to get an idea down. The further sketches make the idea for concrete.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Designing a Shoe: Part 1

Although we regularly buy shoes and discuss their design merits, most people do not know how the shoes they wear were created. “On average, every man, woman, and child in the United States purchases more than four pairs of shoes each year, a level of consumption that establishes the U.S. as the world's largest importer of footwear,” (Infomat, 2008). Because Americans and people worldwide buy so many shoes, they should understand how they are made.

This is a now a new series of posts (with pictures for the first time!)  to illustrate and explain the process.

As an overview, shoes are created through a multi-step design process, which begins with concept and a rough sketch. Computers are then used to make the shoe three-dimensional. From the 3-D design computer aided drawing (CAD), a model is made. Next the model is tested to ensure proper design and performance. After testing of the model, the shoe becomes a finished product, which is sold to customers. Finally, the process begins again, often based on the previous design.

Step 1)
The first thing a shoe designer must do is come up with a concept. This concept can come from anywhere. In the above drawing, the idea for a sneaker came from a car. Sometimes ideas spontaneously come to designers. Other the times they look for inspiration, such as at an art museum. Most often, the inspiration comes from another shoe. The concept does not have to be drawn out, like the image shows. However, this image illustrates the concept process for one designer.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Going Barefoot: Part 2: Can a flip-flop recreate the sensation of going barefoot?

In Part 1, I discussed Vibram FiveFingers, a glove like shoe designed to be almost like walking barefoot. Now, Crocs, a brand previously discussed, has come out with the ABF flip, a flip-flop designed to be even better than walking barefoot.

The shoe is designed to have a “ergonomic fit and feel, like you are almost barefoot,” according to Croc’s website.

The interesting part is that this supposedly good for you shoe has a flip-flop design.