Thursday, September 30, 2010

Could you break a Guinness record for speed in high heels?

Running in high-heels is not usually a desired activity; yet, four Australian women just broke the Guinness World Record for fastest sprint in high-heels.

For over a hundred women, running in heels was not just a the only option when they were late, it was a chance to raise money for charity, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and for themselves. The winning team won $1,000 (DailyMotion, 2010 & Adams, 2010).

The four members of the team ran 263-foot course in Sydney in just one minute and four seconds. They each wore three-inch heels. According to one participant, “If you run on your toes, the heel doesn't even touch the ground so it's just like sprinting” (Adams).

Although it was for a good cause, and only a short amount of time, I doubt the safety. Heels are not made to be run in, and offer little support or cushioning. Also, from the video, I’m don’t believe these were special high-heels. Although not for running, some heels, like ballroom dance shoes, are building with a little more activity in mind.

Overall, I’m impressed by the speed of these women.

What do you think?
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