Friday, November 21, 2014

Shoes for the other gender, Picking men's shoes

On Through the Sole, I rarely mention men's shoes, not having much experience. Also, men, like Michael Bloomberg who only owned 2 pairs of dress shoes, tend to stick to basics.

Men's online store Bonobos, did a fall challenge to style their Fall 2014 suits. Sticking to Through the Sole's theme, I decided to pair them with their shoes

Image courtesy of  Bonobos

The first suit the grabbed my attention because of the plaid pattern. With a suit like that I feel you can go two directions, simple to let the suit shine, or a bit more style to seem fashion forward.

These shoes would give you the simplicity, with a little bit of style from the trim on the shoes.

These would give you style, especially if your shirt and tie are in the same color family.