Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton’s Wedding Shoes

Today, all eyes were on Kate Middleton as she fulfilled every little girl’s fantasy of marrying a prince. Today was also the big wedding dress reveal. Kate made a stunning choice of classic white dress with lace by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. The dress is classic and timeless.

You may not have seem them under her long train, but I couldn’t help but wonder what shoes she wore.  The shoes were handmade at Alexander McQueen of ivory satin and hand-embroidered at Royal School of Needlework, according to the Royal Wedding website. I have had trouble finding pictures, but a very helpful reader sent in the below picture from an Australian magazine. A big thank you!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shoe Shopping: T.J. Maxx and Talbots

My recent shoe buys from T.J. Maxx and Talbots

I recently got the chance to do some shoe shopping for spring and I want to share my purchases.

At the Talbots clearance outlet, I picked up peep-toed black pumps. They have small round silver studs all around the opening. They are made of leather and have a crocodile-like texture. The heel is thicker, which I find makes them sturdier and more comfortable. They were on sale, so I paid around $25, which seemed like a great deal. I find the Talbot’s clearance outlet a great place to get classic comfortable high-heels. Have you ever shopped for shoes there?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shoe Statistics: How normal are your shoe habits?

Statistics may not have been your favorite class in school, but I found some fun statistics to test how normal your shoe habits are.

For example, in my college dorm room I have around 30 pairs of shoes at last count. How common is that?

Most Americans own on average 11 pairs of shoes, according to Eneslow, The Foot Comfort Center.  Forty-four percent of the 1,000 Americans over 18 own only one to five pairs. Twenty-eight percent own six to 10 pairs, 17 percent own 11 to 20 pairs, and 11 percent own over 21 pairs. The study was conducted by Kelton Research. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Update: Lady Gaga Shoes Sell Out: Celebrities and Shoes: The Wacky and Inspiring Shoe Choices of Lady Gaga

Despite being wacky and difficult to walk in, replicas of Lady Gaga’s heel-less shoes have sold out.

 Noritaka Tatehana, a Japanese designer, created the original shoes. He became famous as fans clamored to get their hands on a pair. However, the $2,500 to $4,800 price tag was too expensive for most (CocoPerez, April 2011 and Lomrantz, April 2011).