Thursday, February 21, 2013

Even More Ways to Decorate with Shoe Art

Shoes represent more than a way to protect your feet, they are a decorative way to show personality and style. In December 2011, I first shared how I use to shoes in my decorations to show my interests and to surround myself with things I like. Recently, I have added new ways to decorate with shoes, calendars with different shoes each day, and a chocolate shoe to display.

As holiday gifts I received 2 different shoe calendars. My family and friends know me well. 

This is the cover of the Shoes page-a-day gallery camera that I have on my desk.

The larger of the calendars is the Shoes page-a-day gallery calendar, which provides daily shoe inspiration. Each day you change the cover card to see a new design. The calendar has both new shoes and those from prior centuries. A variety of styles are shown although most are high-heels.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Day Through the Sole!

On this day in 1952, Elizabeth the II was proclaimed the Queen of England. In economic news, the NASDAQ, the world's first electronic market, opened for trading.

In shoe news, on this day in 2010, Through the Sole: A Shoe Blog was founded.

I want to thank all my readers, my friends, and family for their continued support. 

In the past year, I have written about a variety of topics, including the history of the stiletto, Madonna's new shoe line, and Kate Middleton judging a shoe contest.

The first post of the third year was on Linsanity, which kicked off a sneaker theme, such as how to shop for sneakers, and new sneakers made of a woven material

This year, I also looked at using shoes for a cause. Although shoes are often thought of as frivolous, they are a necessity. In Detroit, they are using recycled material to protect the feet of the homeless.

Through the Sole took on a more personal tone as I wrote about my experiences living through Superstorm Sandy, and documenting my experience through the lens of shoes. For the first time I share pictures of myself and my neighborhood in order to illustrate the devastation and the help we have recieved. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wear Comfortable Shoes for the Long Superstorm Sandy Recovery

Over 3 months have passed since Superstorm Sandy hit the New York-New Jersey area. From my viewpoint in coastal Staten Island, I have seen the outpouring of support and am grateful to everyone who volunteered and who donated time, goods, and money. Much progress has been made but unfortunately, more work is needed. Recovery is still taking place.

In my last blog post, I discussed living through the storm and showed pictures from before and during the storm. 

As the waters began to recede, I made my way out into the surrounding blocks to see the damage.  Houses were off their foundations, cars were left scattered blocks from where their owners parked them, wind ripped off roofs and siding, and there was mud and debris almost everywhere.

The first time I tried to venture out, water was still thigh-high.

These pictures were taken in the first days after the storm. Some water remained along with extensive damage to homes and cars.

Right after the storm, there were calls for help. Government action took a long time and the Sandy Recovery bill in Congress was not passed until January. Most of that money has yet to be used.
One neighbor posted this sign asking Obama and FEMA for help.

With so many people needing places to live and basic necessities, the generosity of strangers was much called upon and greatly appreciated. 

I went to a help center at Miller Field in New Dorp, Staten Island, and saw young children asking for necessities like underwear. Luckily, a stranger handed them a new package. Food and other supplies were also given. Insurance companies were also on hand, although in my family's experience they did more to cause aggravation and stress than to help.

These pictures show the aid being given out at Miller Field.