Thursday, February 21, 2013

Even More Ways to Decorate with Shoe Art

Shoes represent more than a way to protect your feet, they are a decorative way to show personality and style. In December 2011, I first shared how I use to shoes in my decorations to show my interests and to surround myself with things I like. Recently, I have added new ways to decorate with shoes, calendars with different shoes each day, and a chocolate shoe to display.

As holiday gifts I received 2 different shoe calendars. My family and friends know me well. 

This is the cover of the Shoes page-a-day gallery camera that I have on my desk.

The larger of the calendars is the Shoes page-a-day gallery calendar, which provides daily shoe inspiration. Each day you change the cover card to see a new design. The calendar has both new shoes and those from prior centuries. A variety of styles are shown although most are high-heels.

This is a sample shoe inspiration of the day, a brightly colored yellow boot.

The smaller calendar I received, the Just the Right Shoe 2013, also shows a shoe each day. You rip the front pages off to reveal a new shoe. This calendar is magnetic on the back.

The Just the Right Shoe 2013 Calendar has pages that rip off and a magnetic back.

These calendars are great because they decorate my desk, help me to always know what day it is, and give daily inspiration.

An item that is decorative and probably scrumptious, is my chocolate high heel, named Shoecolate. It is a brown chocolate shoe with blue details and a flower over the toe box. 

Shoecolate is a high heel made of 75% cacao chocolate that is too pretty to eat.

This shoe smells great and is 75% cacao. Nevertheless, I see it as a decorative item and too pretty to eat.

Do you decorate with shoe designs? Would you want these calendars or shoe made of chocolate.

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