Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update: Decorating with Shoes: Shoe Art and Motifs

The Scotch black pump tape dispenser

While I love buying shoes, sometimes working shoes and shoe motifs into other everyday objects is a fun way to show off my personality and interests. In December, I discussed using shoe motifs to decorate, including a red shoe tape dispenser.  Now, I just received a black pump tape dispenser as a gift and had to share.

While this is not the exact package mine came in, its a much clearer picture.

Both tape dispensers are made by Scotch and hold one role of tape.

This one is a black round-toe pump. The tape is held in the toe area and stretched to the heel, where there is a metal blade to cut the tape. The shoe has a thin stiletto heel, with a clear round disk. My guess is the disk is for stability. It’s most likely clear so it barely shows.

The tape dispenser I received, with the crystals.

The specific version I received came with glue on crystals to make it personalized and stand out even more.

I like the tape holder idea because it adds a little interest to a desk while still being practical.

You can purchase a Scotch shoe tape dispenser from Amazon.

What do you think? Would you buy one? Have you decorated with shoes?

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