Friday, February 24, 2012

New Nike Flyknit Sneakers: More Sock than Shoe

Continuing with the recent sneaker theme on Through the Sole, Nike has just released information on a new line of knit sneakers, which are unlike any shoes currently on the market.

The new sneaker line, the Nike Flyknit, is designed to be feather light, formfitting, and almost seamless.

The shoe was designed with runners in mind. Nike sought to completely re-imagine the sneaker and, with feedback from runners, came to the idea that the new shoe should be more like a sock, according to Nike.

It took Nike 4 years to come up with a sufficient design as the traditional aspects of a sock do not offer enough support. The knit material needed to be specially engineered to make it durable and supportive. There are also supportive cables in the knit, plus a cushioned sole, according to Co.Design.

A sneaker from the Nike Flyknit collection.

The main advantage of the new sneakers is that they weigh less. They weigh 19 percent less than Nike Zoom Streak 3, which was worn by first, second and third place athletes in the men’s marathon at the 2011 World Championships.

The new sneakers are expected to be worn by athletes in the upcoming London summer Olympics from Kenya, Great Britain, Russia, and the US.

The other advantage of the sneakers is that they are more environmentally sustainable because fewer different materials and cuts are used.

This video shows the design process and inspiration for the Nike Flyknit collection. 

The Nike Flyknit collection will be available in July and includes Nike Flyknit Trainer+, which is designed for all levels of runners.

What do you think of the new sneakers? Do you want to purchase them?

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