Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Other Royal Wedding Shoes: Princess Diana, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth.

All eyes have been on the historic wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton. (This blog has received more hits than ever before. A big thank you!) Although the wedding broke some traditions and Kate was a commoner, there have been other royal weddings and other wedding shoes with pictures readily available! 

Princess Diana

Princess Diana wore embellished white slippers on her wedding day. They were made by Clive Shilton of embroidered ivory silk and detailed with mother of pearl sequins. There were heart shapes at the front and the soles were made of hand-tooled leather (mspmint, 2010). The heels were low so Diana at 5’ 10” wouldn’t be taller than Prince Charles (I Do Weddings, 2011). The heels were trimmed in 24 carat gold (Diana, Princess of Wales, 2010). A spare pare was made in case of an emergency (mspmint).

Queen Victoria

For her wedding to Prince Albert, Queen Victoria wore flat white stain slippers which were held on with long ribbons tied around her ankles (Northampton Borough Council, 2009). It’s amazing her shoes have survived.

Detail of insoles of Queen Victoria’s wedding shoes.

Queen Elizabeth II

For her marriage to Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II wore shoes beige sling backs with a open toe and medium heel by Rayne Shoes, who also designed shoe from Princess Anne’s and Princess Margret’s weddings. The shoes were designed to be stylish but practical. The daughter of the man who oversaw the process wore the exact same shoes for her wedding (Rayne Shoes, n.d.).

For more information check out the below short video on the making the Queen’s wedding shoes. From YouTube.

What do you think of these royal wedding shoes? What kind of shoes do you want/ did you wear for your wedding?
For information on Kate Middleton’s wedding shoes, click here and for information on Kate’s other shoe choices, click here.

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