Friday, May 6, 2011

Shoes for Spring: What to Wear When it Rains

My inclement weather collection.

In Ithaca, it seems like it’s been raining for weeks without end. To survive I have a collection of cute, waterproof, and comfy shoes to stay stylish and dry.  Although rain boots, or wellies, are traditional and I have owned many pairs, sometimes I want something different. Also, when it starts getting warmer I find rain boots sweaty and hot.

In general, from rainy days you should wear a study and waterproof material like rubber, pleather, treated leather shoes. Save suede and light colored fabrics from sunny days.

My Collection:

Rain Boots:

For early spring and major storms, nothing beats rain boots. They keep your feet and the bottom of your pants dry, so you can splash in puddles and run through mud. Especially if you’re not wearing them to work, go crazy with color to make a dreary day more fun. My current pair is the above black and white check from the Talbots Clearance Outlet, but I have had bright pink plaid and sunflowers.

Rubber Flats:

When its warmer or you’ve had enough with rain boots, rubber flats are a great alternative. While, they don’t protect the bottom of your pants, they can be worn for dressy occasions, like work. I have two pairs of Crocs that I regularly wear, a pair of red flats and navy blue sling backs. The red pair is dressier and the pop of color is great. However, they do sometimes give me blisters. I ordered them online for around $20 from Crocs has recently come out with some new designs and patterns. The navy sling backs are more casual, but the heel strap stays in place. They are more comfortable. I bought them for around $25 from Century 21.

Rubber Flip-Flops With a Strap:

For those warm days when you can’t bear to hide your pedicure, rubber flip-flops are great because they don’t get wrecked. The only issue is that the flip-flop motion often sprays mud and dirty water onto your bottoms. I once wore flip-flops in the rain with white capris, terrible idea. The solution is to get a pair with a heel strap, like my Havaianas Fit Flop, which I bought from Piperlime. These had the comfy rubber sole that gets more and more comfortable as you wear them with a tiny bit of arch support.

I hope you now are prepared for inclement weather. What are your favorite shoes for rainy weather?

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