Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shoe Review: Nike Running Sneakers

My recent sneaker purchase, the Nike Zoom Vomero +5

Sneakers have been a recent theme on Through the Sole, as I recently wrote about the Nike sneakers Knicks’ point guard Jeremy Lin wears (he’s sponsored by the brand), and should New Balance shoes support Susan G. Komen for the Cure after the recent Planned Parenthood controversy. Since I recently went sneaker shopping, I want to share my pick and some sneaker shopping hints.

I purchased the Nike Zoom Vomero +5 in the Nike Outlet for around $50, a nice discount from the original list of $130.  These sneakers are designed to replace my Nike Zoom Vomero +3 which are very comfortable and supportive and have lasted for 2 and a half years, quite a long time for someone who is hard on their sneakers like me.

The Nike Zoom Vomero +3, which I sought to replace.

The Nike Zoom Vomero +5.

Part of why I was able to get such as discount was that the Zoom Vomero +6 is already available. I was in between both models but choose the slightly older version because its cushioning was firmer. The inner sole of the +6 was softer and more like memory foam. It felt really nice but I was afraid it would smash down easily. Also, while you should buy sneakers for the comfort and not looks, the +5 seemed more attractive. The only color the +6 was available in was the yellow, which was quite bright and loud.
The Nike Zoom Vomero +6.

The Zoom Vomero series is for running. The +5 is designed to have a lighter weight and to fit like a glove. As a result, they run small. My older pair was a 5.5, but my new pair is a 6.5 and fits the same. I like that they are nicely cushioned in both the heel and the ball of the foot. You also have the option to add the chip to track your distance with your iPod.

I choose to go to the Nike Outlet for two reasons: 1) the discounted prices and 2) the wide selection. I know Nike sneakers fit me well, so the outlet provides a larger selection than most other retailers at a discount. If you are unsure which brand you prefer, you are better off at a retailer like Sports Authority, which sells multiple brands for you to try on.

Since sneakers are the shoe I am likely to spend the most money on and must support you though the most strenuous of activities, I spend my time finding the right sneaker. I will try on almost every sneaker they have in my size. Be sure to bring exercise socks and wear comfy clothes you can move around in. I always make sure to walk, jog, and run in the sneakers besides jumping and seeing how much side to side mobility I have. You may look a little silly but it’s a lot better than realizing the sneakers you just bought make your workout more painful.

Which sneakers do you prefer? How do you shop for sneakers?

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