Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Great Boot Shopping Deals at Marshalls

Recently, I decided to prepare for the upcoming wintery weather by searching for new boots. Luckily Marshalls provided tons of options at prices that could only considered deals. They had a wide selection from top designers. I walked out with short casual brown Michael Kors boots and grey slightly slouchy Unlisted boots. Ok, now I’ll let you in on a secret, they were from the kids department, but fit me perfectly.

One of my shoe shopping tips is that I often buy kids shoes, especially flats and boots. You can get adult style boots at a big discount (even bigger if you go to a discounter, like Marshalls). Unfortunately, this only works if you have a small foot, 7 and under. To find your size add two to the kids size, so a 3 is a ladies 5, a 4 a ladies 6, and a 5 a ladies 7. Usually 5 is the largest kids shoes come in, but a few brands do make 6. One disclaimer: be careful about boot height, they can sometimes be too short. Also they may wear down more quickly because they are not designed for a lady’s weight, wear and tear. Nevertheless I find in upstate New York where they cover the sidewalks and streets with salt when snow is predicted, even ladies boots don’t last more than a season, so might as well save the money.

The Michael Kors boots are great for casual but stylish wear. They go perfectly with jeans, especially with their shorter height. The chocolate brown really pops against dark denim. The top is a sweater material over the faux-leather, add a touch of winter. The inner side has a full length zipper. They are decorated with two studded belts and a Michael Kors symbol with rhinestones. The flat soles make them comfortable and practical for all day walking. They were only $35.

The grey Unlisted boots are slightly slouchy and are taller. They have a silver buckle detail on the side. The faux-leather has a slight spotted wear pattern, making them seem slightly lived in. It’s not terribly noticeable. They are slightly dressier and can go with skirts and dresses. I like the grey color because it goes well with black but stands out more. Their sole is rubber with cushioning and arch support, making them great for all day wear. They were comfortable all day from the first time I wore them. There are full length zippers on the inner side. The boots were only $25.

Both pairs of boots are faux leather, which while less soft and upscale has its advantages. One, no animals were harmed! Also, they are easier to clean and stand up to salt, slush and mud better.

What do you think of my purchases? Do you shop at Marshalls? Have you ever bought kids shoes? Do you buy faux-leather?

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