Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Drag Queens Running Your Way in High Heels

Drag Queens, often in sky-high heels, took to the streets of Washington DC’s DuPont Circle to compete in the 25th Annual High Heel Race.

The crowd packed the sides of the streets for this annual Halloween tradition.

The race took place at 9:00pm, but the festivities kicked up much earlier with the race participants parading around for spectators to view and admire their costumes.

Many of the participants dressed elaborately, from Lady’s Gaga outfits complete with bubbles, and Katy Perry’s California Girls outfit including the cupcake bikini top, to the political, tea partiers, Christine O’Donnell, and Michelle Rhee, to the ethical statements, fur is drag.

While some men wore only kitten heels, many wore towering heels. It is amazing they could walk and race in them.

At a few minutes after 9, the race kicked off and last only a few minutes. The race was overshadowed by the many sparkly costumes.

While this race, to my understanding, does not benefit a charity, like the previous high-heel races and walks I’ve discussed, this race also had a purpose besides amusement.

DuPont Circle is a very diverse neighborhood and for this race there was an aura of acceptance. The community came out to cheer on and support the drag queens

Unfortunately, with the crowds and movement, my pictures did not come very clear, but I have posted the best of them to give you a glimpse of the festivities. When I find a website with better pictures or video, I will let you know.

What do you think about the race? Would you participate? Have you attended a similar event?

Also, please remember to tune into ABC in the New York Metro area at 4:30 am on Thursday to hear Through the Sole be featured!

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