Thursday, October 28, 2010

ShoeDazzle: Wine, Cheese, now Shoes of the Month by Kim Kardashian!

ShoeDazzle is a recently started shoe of the month club co-founded by Kim Kardashian.

With ShoeDazzle, stylists, such as Kardashian or Anya Sarre, help to present you with a selection of shoes to choose from each month, based on a style questionnaire you fill out.

The shoes cost $39.95, including shipping. There is no fee to join, and returns are accepted.
However, once you purchase your first pair of shoes, you must opt out of the next month by the 5th in order to avoid being charged.

The shoes are from ShoeDazzle’s own line and a line designed for them by Michael Antonio. The site claims they will also sell shoes from other brands but does not specify which.

The price of the shoes seems reasonable, but I wonder about the quality. I would want to ensure they hold up and are comfortable.

Furthermore, I dislike that you must opt out by the 5th of the month. I would be afraid I would forget and keep getting charged.

I filled out the questionnaire and got my matches. The shoes were all similar to ones I wear, but there was only one pair of pumps I would consider buying. I also liked a shoulder bag with asymmetrical zippers (Each month’s selection also includes handbags and other accessories). I could request a new set of items if I wanted to (ShoeDazzle, n.d, and Han, 2010).

ShoeDazzle is not the only site to offer a shoe of the month type club. Just Fabulous! Is a very similar club that also charges $39.95. It also takes a survey and provides a monthly selection for you to choose from. The main style experts are Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr of the blog, (Just Fabulous!, n.d., and Han).

The concept of these shoe of the month clubs is interesting, but I feel there are still many drawbacks. While it is nice to have stylists pick shoes for you, you remove the thrill of the chase, the search to find the perfect shoe. Moreover, by ordering online, you lose your ability to try the shoe on and examine the quality. Also, why the price is reasonable, I have scored high-end shoes for less when shopping in discount stores, like T.J. Maxx, or outlet stores.

What do you think? Would you join a shoe of the month club?

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