Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celebrities and Shoes: Thrifty Mayor Bloomberg only owns two pairs of shoes!

"it’s fair to say he’s not the shoe industry’s best customer" (WCBS 880, 2010)

The 2010 midterm elections are almost here, and things are heating up. Although he’s not running for re-election this November, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is discussing his footwear.

According to CBS New York, Bloomberg only owns two pairs of work shoes. He has owned these two pairs for the past 10 years. The pairs are both black and one is a penny loafer, while the other has tassels. To keep shoes so long, he has had them re-heeled and the soles replaced (WCBS 880).

As the world’s 23 richest person (Daily Mail, 2010), his shoe possessions, or seeming lack thereof, is quite surprising.

“'He could buy any shoes he wanted, but he likes these. They are comfortable, and they work, so he says there's no need for a new pair,” said Bloomberg spokesman, Stu Loeser. (Daily Mail).

While, Mayor Bloomberg is showing thrift, it is amazing shoes will last that long. They were pretty expensive when purchased. New York cobbler, Jim Rocco, believes at least one pair was made by Cole Hahn and cost about $328 (Daily Mail).

Although for most people, $328 is an mini-investment, if you really like the shoes, and pay to maintain them, they will last and will probably be cheaper than constantly buying less expensive shoes.

In terms of being eco-friendly, having a small number of shoes for a long time is a good idea. However, for a shoe-lover, like me, I couldn’t imagine having that little variety.

What do you think? Could you constantly wear the same shoes for 10 years? Do you invest in expensive shoes?

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  1. That's pretty funny. Maybe he's so rich because he saves so much money on shoes lol. I too can't imagine confining myself to such a small selection of shoes, but I guess it's different for guys.

  2. I totally agree! I need variety, but guys shoes styles are pretty similar