Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blister free, comfy feet: Part 2: How to make the high-heels you already own more comfortable

Classic black pumps that I got for under $20 at the Talbot's Clearance outlet. Unfortunately after a couple hours in them, my feet hurt.

The other day I went out and wore what seemed like comfortable classic black pumps. Unfortunately, at the end of the night my feet were aching and I could not wait to kick my shoes off. Although I recently decided to shop for comfortable shoes, I can’t throw out the shoes I already own, so I decide to try to find out how to make the heel I already own more comfortable.

One way to make high-heels you own more comfortable is to rotate what shoes you wear. Try to wear a different styles different days and to alternate between high-heels and more comfortable flatter shoes (Kovalovich, n.d.).

To avoid getting blisters and rubbings, put band-aids in areas these usually occur.

Make sure to keep your toenails clipped short and to round the edges, which will prevent nails from cracking or cutting into your toes (Bellasugar, 2009).

Use a callus scraper on your big toe to prevent the callus from putting pressure on your bones and temporarily deforming your foot (Bellasugar).

Some brands, such as Band-Aid and Avon have come out with anti-chaffing sticks. Try rubbing some of this product onto areas the shoe tends to rub to make the shoe glide over your foot easier (Bellasugar).

In drugs stores you can by many different inserts to cushion the ball of your foot or the whole sole. Try an insert to add some cushioning to help make the shoe more comfortable. Inserts for the ball of the foot will reduce some of the pressure the height of a high-heel adds (eHow, n.d.).

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Hope you can make your high-heel more comfortable. I will try these tips out and let you know how it goes. Please let me know if you have any other great ideas!

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  1. I've tried putting band-aids on the areas that usually get blisters and found that it really doesn't work if you're going to be wearing your heels for more then two hours. Usually around that time the band-aids will fall off, especially if you have been moving around a lot within that time period. Sometimes though I have found that putting a piece of scotch tape on the inside of the shoe does help prevent that uncomfortable rub burn for a fews hrs.

  2. Thats a good idea! Thanks so much for the tip. I find the same thing with high-heels. Before a blister forms, I find moleskin works better.