Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update: Blister free, comfy feet: Part 2: How to make high-heels more comfortable

Psst! My secret, I own two pairs of the same shoes.

In my post on how to make high-heel more comfortable, I forgot one of my best tips, buy heels about a half a size larger than you normally wear. This makes them a lot more comfortable to be in once your foot starts to swell as the day wears on. A good example is these Talbots low heeled sandals I own, see picture above. The black shoe on the right is a size 6. I wore them today, but couldn’t wait to take them off at lunch and the end of the day because the straps push into my feet. The silver shoe on the left is a 6.5. I will wear them to commute about a mile to and from work. The straps don’t dig in at all.

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