Sunday, October 31, 2010

What shoes do you wear to the Rally to Restore Sanity? Sane Ones!

A view of the crowd and the stage before the rally began.

This post is a bit of stretch for a shoe blog, but I went to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on the National Mall yesterday, and wanted to share the experience.

As for my shoes, I wore comfortable and supportive sneakers, which was a very sane decision. I was one my feet for close to 5 hours straight, most of the time just standing. In the crowd, I must admit high-heels were tempting because I had trouble seeing. I often had to rise to my toes to glimpse the performers. However, my feet would have been in major pain if I wore heels to stand all that time and to talk the 2 miles back to where I am staying.

I had never been to a rally in Washington before, so this was definitely an experience.

The crowd with the Capitol in the distance.

It began with the Roots and John Legend performing. Next the myth Busters did some “experiments.” They had the crowd to the wave and jump on cue. It was definitely the largest crowd I’d seen do the wave.

The Myth Busters perform.

Next Stewart appeared and then, after some coaxing, Colbert arrived via a car reminiscent of that the Chilean Miners were rescued in. From then, Stewart and Colbert were on the stage almost the whole performance. They sang a duet pointing out all the things they like with America, as well as having a mock-debate, often using clips from the media.

Jon Stewart.

Stewart and Colbert debate.

In between many celebrities and singers perfumed, including Kid Rock, and Ozzy Osbourne.  

Love Train performs at the rally.

At the end, Stewart gave some serious remarks. He reminded Americans that the only places they don’t get along are in Washington and Cable TV.

The rally definitely was comedic and amusing, but it was nice that it also had a point without having a specific political lean. It was about getting together and working problems out.

Colbert releases a puppet of himself.

Did you attend the rally? What did you think?

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