Sunday, October 23, 2011

Awesome and Stylish Aussie Dogs Boots

I recently received two pairs of Aussie Dogs brand boots and they may actually make me excited for the upcoming chilly weather. In general, the boots are comfortable, stylish, and seem to be warm. (Ithaca weather has been surprisingly mild so far and I can’t say I’m wishing for a cold front.)

I have two pairs, including a classic sheepskin-style black tall boot, which is from the Aussie Girl line and is completely man-made! As a vegetarian and an animal rights activist the availability of well-made, comfy, and stylish shoes without animal products is very exciting. The other pair is the La Croix style in cream. This boot is mid-height and made of sheepskin with a rubber sole. The boot has fur detail and fringe on the side.

The Aussie Girl boots I received look like a traditional Ugg-style boot. When you are wearing them, no one can tell they’re not sheepskin and they come at a significant price cut. They list for $48 and are also available in chestnut, from sizes 6 to 11.

The boots fit me well and are well-made. I ordered my normal size and they fit. They are roomy enough to get a thick sock underneath for really cold days, but can be worn with thin socks or tights.

The outside material is slightly stiffer than on a sheepskin boot. As a result, the well-made seams are a bit stiff. I have a high instep so putting my foot in I have to put a tiny bit more effort. Yet, once on they are on, there are no problems. If you have a normal instep you probably won’t even notice the seam. The nice thing with these boots is because they are a sheepskin alternative, they should stay the same size. Normal sheepskin slightly stretches after initial wear.

The soles are EVA which is like firm condensed foam with some bumps for traction.

The faux-fur lining is slightly thinner and less dense the sheepskin. Yet, there is just something more sleek and graceful about them. The bonus is that because the linings are thinning you can walk normally instead of shuffling as many girls do in sheepskin boots.

The La Croix boots are very stylish. I got them in crème and love the color. It goes with everything! However, I am going to water proof them to keep them from getting dirty. They are made of sheepskin with a rubber sole, which will make them last and survive all kinds of weather, great for upstate New York. The sole is the exact color of the boot so it blends in seamlessly. Thus, the rubber soul doesn’t seem out of place. They have a line of fur in the middle on each side and a small fringe area on the outside. The tops are slanted. Unfortunately my picture doesn’t really do them justice.

I ordered my size and they fit well, snug and comfy. Being sheepskin they will probably slightly stretch, but as they are snug now, this shouldn’t be a problem.

The fur lining is thick and dense, more so than other sheepskin boots I have owned. Once I put them on I didn’t want to take them off. I like that they are different from the classic style. They can definitely be worn with jeans, but will also work with skirts and dresses, giving you comfort and style. They list for $150 and come in sizes 6 through 12 and are available in black and cocoa.

A little about the company: Aussie Dogs aims for high-quality and stylish fashion. From the boots I tried they seem to be hitting the mark. The Aussie Girls line includes traditional boots, like the one I reviewed, plus various other styled boots, and clogs. The Aussie Dogs line includes various traditional boots with different soles plus other stylish options and rain boots. It also includes boots and other shoes for men and children, as well as a few accessories. The boots can be purchased from their website,, other online retailers, such as Amazon and Zappos, and in some retail stores.

I am looking forward to wearing my Aussie Dogs boots now and for winters to come. Have you ever tried a pair? What do you think?

Disclosure: I was provided with Aussie Dogs shoes at no cost by Aussie Dogs in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.”

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