Thursday, December 8, 2011

Decorating with Shoes: Shoe Art and Motifs

Two of the best parts of loving shoes are shopping for them and wearing them, but sometime shoes are more of a general concept than a specific item, as in the case of shoe quotes. Thus, to reflect my personality, I have used shoes in the decorations of my room and wanted to share my choices with you.


I was shopping in Christmas Tree Shop when I found these shoe art canvases and thought they would be perfect for my room at school. They were inexpensive but have a fun vibe and I like how bright colors brighten up plain white walls.  

Even though I am away from home, I like bringing some holiday spirit. Thus, I was quite happy when on a recent trip to Christmas Tree Shop, I found these festive holiday ice skate decorations. They cost only $1.29 each, and combine my favorite aspects, ice skating, shoes, and Christmas! While Christmas Tree Shops can be hit or miss, I’ve gotten some great buys there for college.

While, this can’t be hung on the wall, this red pump tape dispenser is a great desk decoration. After a great day of networking and advice at The New York Women in Communication Student Conference, I found this gem in the goody bag. It seems like something great to have on your desk as a conversation starter or to bring a smile to your face.

Have you used shoe decorations? What type?

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