Friday, November 21, 2014

Shoes for the other gender, Picking men's shoes

On Through the Sole, I rarely mention men's shoes, not having much experience. Also, men, like Michael Bloomberg who only owned 2 pairs of dress shoes, tend to stick to basics.

Men's online store Bonobos, did a fall challenge to style their Fall 2014 suits. Sticking to Through the Sole's theme, I decided to pair them with their shoes

Image courtesy of  Bonobos

The first suit the grabbed my attention because of the plaid pattern. With a suit like that I feel you can go two directions, simple to let the suit shine, or a bit more style to seem fashion forward.

These shoes would give you the simplicity, with a little bit of style from the trim on the shoes.

These would give you style, especially if your shirt and tie are in the same color family.

This tuxedo grabbed my attention for the pattern and black labels. 

Image courtesy of  Bonobo

Given the dressiness of the situation you would wear tuxedo, I would try these sleek shoes that stand out just enough with the shine.

However, if you want to go more trendy, I like the a velvet black slipper. They add a touch of old school glamour.

Do you ever help guys pick out shoes? How would you style these suits?

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