Monday, June 23, 2014

Driving in high heels: fashion over safety?

The other day I decided to get back to wearing heels, jumped into my car and drove to work. In my quest for fashion, was I bypassing safety?

According to AOL Autos, I wasn't alone. Up to 40 percent of women wear heels behind the wheel, according to a study of UK women. Experts say heels prevent a good feel of the pedals, making it harder to react quickly. While woman have been wearing heels for years, the recent sky-height heights and platforms are exasperating the problem.

And law makers are starting to take notice. According to the local, France's Supreme Court ruled that driving in heels violates the country's highway code. The case they ruled on was whether a woman who was driving in heels when she was injured in a car crash deserved insurance money. The court found that insurance was not liable due to her wearing heels.

Switzerland has also considered banning heels on drivers, according to Fox News.

But heels are not the only problem-- 27 percent of men in the same UK survey admitted to wearing flip-flops behind the wheel. Expert say flip-flops may slip off the pedal or get stuck underneath, according to AOL Autos.

The Daily Mail reports that young drivers are more likely to wear inappropriate footwear to drive, 29 percent of drivers aged 18 to 30 compared to 15 percent of drivers in their 50s and 60s.

What about taking off the heels or flip-flops and driving barefoot? That's illegal in Britian, according to AOL Autos, but permitted in the US.

Experts say the safest bet is flt shoes with a solid rubber sole.

I may think twice about driving in heels. Luckily, my choice above was these sturdy Born heels which had a low heel and an ankle strap to keep them in place.

The safest bet maybe carrying comfy flats and changing into heels once you leave the car.

Do you drive in heels or flip-flops? Do you think it affects your driving?

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