Saturday, December 7, 2013

High Heel Shopping at Famous Footwear Just in Time for the Holidays

Its holiday party time and high heels can give you that extra confidence boost or make an outfit. Or...they can cause blisters and pain. 

I have found myself shying away from heels, especially for work because I often cannot tell if I will be on my feet a lot.

Recently I was in Famous Footwear and found heels in the clearance racks that were actually comfy and cute! Priced at about $25, I couldn't go wrong. 

Aerosoles Mary Janes 

After recent success with Aerosoles boots, I have been liking the brand's padding in its shoes.

These heels have the same padding. The heel is thick a sturdy. The mix of textures and shades adds interest, while suede makes them wintry. They can be worn dressy or for work. 

Eurosoft tweed buckle heels

These Eurosoft heels have a ton of cushioning in them. They have a lower heel, which helps with comfort. The tweed buckle look is retro and on trend. These will be perfect for work and with the right outfit, perhaps even dressy.

What do you look for when shopping for heels? How often do you where high heels?

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  1. Nice shoes! Seems so comfortable with that large heel.The first thing, I keep in mind while buying
    heels is comfort because if they are stylish but not comfortable, you would not be able to walk properly and thus it will only make you feel and look awkward.

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