Sunday, December 8, 2013

Shoe Inserts for Comfort

Some times a shoe insert, such as a insole or a heel grip, can make the difference between comfort and pain. Recently, I have found thick and thin insoles, and heel grips that have saved my feet.

Dr. Scholl's for Her 16 Hour Insoles

I love Dr. Scholl's shoes, especially the Jute and June styles that have these great foam insoles. The Dr. Scholl's for Her 16 Hour Comfort Insoles give me the same feel and can go in many pairs of shoes. While I like this line of Dr. Scholl's shoes, they are on the casual side and limited. These insoles give me the same sensation, but can go in many shoes. I especially like them in boots, including Ugg type boots and my slippers.

These Dr. Scholl's flats from TJ Maxx are super comfortable due to a foam insole.

These Dr. Scholl's flat from Famous Footwear also have that comfortable insole.

These insoles have arch support, but are fine for those with low arches. I had previously bought Dr. Scholl's gel insoles and found the arch didn't match with my foot, causing pain instead of support.

As someone with a small foot, I like the 3/4 length. They cover to just about my toes. The slope is gradual, so there is no awkward end point.

These slippers are great for around the house, but lack support.

With the insoles, wearing these slippers when standing for awhile, such as while cooking, is a lot more comfortable.

The downside to these insoles is that they are on the thicker side. They do not fit in many shoes, especially flats. For those, I use thinner insoles.

Fancy Feet Thin Insoles

I received these thin insoles as a gift and just recently started using them. I'm glad they did. They are by Foot Petals, a brand that often has rave reviews. I believed they were for heels. I have found success using them in flats and boots with tighter foot boxes.

These Dr. Scholl's flats have begun to get worn in, loosing padding, especially in the heel. These insoles return all day comfort.

Technically, you're supposed to stick the inserts into the shoes using the binder on the back side. I switch them between pairs of shoes and have never had trouble with slipping. 

While compact, these ultra-thin insoles make a difference.

These Target flats have great zipper accents, but lack support. These insoles are a big help.

Dr. Scholl's For Her Sole Expressions Heel Liners 

I've previously mentioned using heel grips to help prevent shoes slipping when you wear tights. However, heel grips can also prevent blisters from shoes rubbing up and down, and prevent shoes that are slightly big or loose in the back, from slipping off. 

I put foam heel grips in these Dr. Scholl's low wedges to prevent them from slipping off when I wore them with tights.

I got these Born pink flats with bows rights around when Superstorm Sandy hit. I didn't wear them for awhile for fear of getting them dirty. When I finally went to wear them some months later, they were slipping off my feet. I could no longer return them, so it was heel grips to the rescue.

Without heel grips, I was unable to wear these flats.

I ordered Dr. Scholl's for Her Sole Expressions Heel Liners on Amazon. I had previously used foam and gel ones, but tried these because they were less expensive. They are more of a cushion type. The pink ones fit great color-wise in these shoes. The liners are great for padding, and help keep my feet in the shoes; however, I wish they had more grip.

Pink heel grips in pink flats

Do you ever use shoe inserts to make your shoes more comfortable? Which do you like?

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