Monday, October 21, 2013

Shoes for Changing Weather: The Autumn Addition

Temperature in the northeast has been erratic. Since Labor Day, temperatures have spiked to the 80s, dropped to the 40s, and been amazingly pleasant. We've also had rain and days that threatened rain.

What shoes do you wear for this mercurial weather? On Instagram you will find many of my shoes choices.

White after Labor Day

Let's start with the first issue that appears after the end of summer-- can you wear white? As you see above, I wore these white Dr. Scholl's eyelet espadrilles after summer's end.

The tradition of not wearing white likely comes from the early 20th century, according to Time. At this time, the wealthy often went away to cottages and resorts for the summer. When they returned they resumed wearing darker clothing.

In addition, according to Time, when people wore more formal clothing, white was lighter than darker colors. In the time before air conditioning, this lighter clothing helped keep people cooler. However, white was not at all practical for rainy fall days, when it could get muddy easily.

By the 1950s, the no white after Labor Day was part of society, according to Time.

However, according to Emily Post, wearing white after Labor Day is now okay. Temperatures are often now still warm in September and white is appropriate.

My white shoes were in perfect etiquette.

Rainy Days

While you can now wear white after Labor Day, avoid it on rainy days. For rainy days, you want protection. However, rain boots often get hot and stuffy. I also don't find rain boots that comfy.

Enter in Crocs. You may think of clogs, but Crocs now has a line of flats. They are made from the signature crocslite material, which is light, durable, and waterproof! You feet may get wet, but they will dry quickly. These shoes are also quite comfortable.

Above and below is the Adrina II flat. These sometimes bother me by the end of the day, but are quite cute and come in cute colors.

I also have the Crocs in a peep toed style. These are super comfortable and solve the problem of my toes sometimes getting smooshed. I was afraid a peep toe could get tight around the toes, but no such problem.


Just like white shoes, some people want to put sandals away after Labor Day. I say if the weather is warm, rock 'em! Also switching back to flats after sandals can cause blisters, so sandals helps break up pain.

Gold Enzo Angiolini sandals that hit the right dressy note.

Gold BOC gladiator sandals.


Today, temperatures dropped and I wore tights for the first time. I needed to pick shoes that fit closer to my foot. These BOC metallic flats worked. Below with and without tights.

However, other shoes, flats especially, have started slipping off. My solution is to add heel grips, like I did with these Dr. Scholls low wedges.

What shoes do you like to wear during changing weather? Will you wear white shoes or sandals after Labor Day?

Ps. Let me know what you think of the Instagram embed. I am trying something new.

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