Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One Year Later: Superstorm Sandy & the Jersey Shore

Yesterday, I shared a recap of my experience with Superstorm Sandy on Staten Island. I would be amiss if I didn't mention the effects on the Jersey shore. I have spent countless days since I was a child at Seaside Heights and in Ocean Grove, NJ. Summertime would not be the same without relaxing at the beach and enjoying arcades.

Seaside Heights/ Seaside Park, NJ

In April, I showed the recovery in Seaside Heights. Little did I know in September much of the rebuilding would be undone by a great fire. It pains me to see recovery burned up. It is also frustrating that the fire was at least partially caused by the rush to rebuild. The hydrant system was not rebuilt, according to ABC 7 Eyewitness News, even though its a wooden boardwalk. In addition, the electrical wires were not checked, according to, especially in the area of the boardwalk which survived Sandy.

This area of the boardwalk survived Sandy, but was consumed by fire.

This carousel and its arcade started to come back after Sandy, but was destroyed by fire.

The destroyed boardwalk and  a destroyed arcade after the fire.

Destroyed buildings on the boardwalk after the fire.

Ocean Grove, NJ

Nestled on the Jersey Shore is Ocean Grove, a Victorian community. A visit there makes you feel like you went on vacation.

The above panorama was taken a few weeks before Sandy.

 Ocean Grove used to have a wooden boardwalk that went the length of the town.

The storm destroyed the boardwalk and damaged the beach. Luckily, the town was able to bring the beach back, but the boardwalk was only rebuilt in a very small area. The town lacks the funds to rebuild. While I saw the large crowds at the beach, something was lost without the boardwalk. Hopefully the boardwalk will be back next year.

The above pictures show where the boardwalk used to be.

The above picture shows the small area of boardwalk rebuilt.

This view shows the beach without a boardwalk.

This pier used to have a fishing house on it and extend further. It was washed away by Sandy.

Rebuilding continues on the Jersey shore and hopefully by next year more will be done.

I will never forget the damage done and what was lost. 

Do you visit the Jersey Shore? How did Sandy affect you?

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