Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Please Stay Safe and Wear Appropriate Shoes

Through the Sole wishes everyone the best during Hurricane Sandy and that everyone is safe and sound. 

Hurricane Sandy starts to affect Midland Beach, SI, NY. Taken this afternoon.

This post is intended to share my experience through the lens of shoes as I have done with other less shoe related events, such as Election Day and the controversy over Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood.

So, what shoes are the best to during the storm? 

Given the dangerous conditions outside the best answer is what ever shoes will be comfortable for staying in (if you need to work, use judgement in deciding what to wear). 

I live in coastal Staten Island, NY close to our beaches. Earlier when winds and rain were calmer and it was more safe, I ventured out to see what it was like. I wore tall rubber rain boots. 

Here I am standing on Midland Beach in tall black rubber rain boots.

Rubber rain boots were a good choice because they provided traction and kept my feet dry. However, even they were no match for the ragging winds. The sand was blowing everywhere and even got inside my boots. The wind was strong enough that the sand hurt when it hit my face and body. 

Even after driving home my boots are covered in sand. Luckily they are easy to clean! 

Now I would like to share some pictures I was able to take earlier when conditions were better out.

 The wind blew tons of debris and leaves around.

Inside Zone A (the coastal areas of NYC that were ordered to evacuate). Some people left but many did not. 

Winds were starting to pick up. 

The entrance to South Beach. Police were trying to keep people out as media reporters were live on seen. 

Police were requiring people leave the boardwalk. 

The surf was very abnormally rough. Since Staten Island is a more inward part of the eastern seaboard  we only get small waves and usually have calm seas near shore.

 After being asked to leave South Beach, I head to the next beach over, Midland Beach. This beach lacks a board walk. They built up piles of sand to try to protect the beach. When I was there it seemed to be working. The beach was nice and wide.

Even though people were asked to stay off the beach, many were there to see the spectacle.

Rough seas at Midland Beach as well.

I am hearing on the news that this area that I was in is now under water.

I lost Internet for awhile delaying the posting of this blog. I have also had a few sporadic power outages.

How are you fairing through the storm? Please be safe.

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