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Wear Comfortable Shoes to Rebuild Seaside Heights, NJ

Today marks the 6 month anniversary or Superstorm Sandy made landfall in the northeast.  People have volunteered their time, donated supplies, and opened there wallets. In all $174 million has been donated, according to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, as reported by CNBC. Yet, rebuilding continues.

As a current coastal Staten Island resident, I have shared how Superstorm Sandy affected my local area. Recently, I was able to see the damage along the Jersey shore in areas I regularly visit like Seaside Heights and Ocean Grove.

While, Seaside Heights is often associated with "Jersey Shore" and wild partying, it actually a pretty beach with lots of family fun, likes rides and arcades.

I went twice 3 weeks apart and the progress was visible. The first time, was the St. Patty's Day Parade and the streets and bars were jammed with people in green. It was nice to see people coming back and the arcades re-opening. Three weeks later, right before Easter it was much calmer but more was open. Surprisingly, instead of having Easter baskets galore to win, the holiday was skipped over.

The boardwalk and the rides were destroyed. The building were flooded and contents needed to be thrown out Areas are roped off and marked with no trespassing signs. However, construction is ongoing and the boardwalk is slowly taking shape again.

Since pictures often tell a story better than words, I will be sharing my Seaside Height pictures, which show both the devastation and the recovery.

Early March 2013

The boardwalk was been destroyed and was in the process of being rebuilt. The post visible are the supports for the new boardwalk. Many famous places for food, like the lemonade stand (left), remain closed.

The boardwalk rebuilding with the destroyed Casino Pier in the background. Casino Pier had many rides, including the roller coaster which fell into the ocean and was shown in many newspapers. What is left of the roller coaster is visible in the background.

In the sand, you can see debris that needs to be cleaned out. Many cats have called Seaside Heights home and luckily they survived and are being fed now.

In the above pictures you see Fun Town Pier, which also held rides. Many were destroyed. The ferris wheel till stands but only on a small concrete platform. The boardwalk around it was destroyed. Many other rides were more damaged. Because of the debris and weak boardwalk, people are told to stay out.

Despite the destruction, you could see resilience. While many games on the boardwalk were closed, make shift games were made on the street. The area was jammed for the St. Patty's Day parade and the bars were doing well.

Three Week Later, late March 2013

In these pictures you can see more on the boardwalk was open just a short 3 weeks later. Yet, remnants of what were lost were also seen...such as the Fun Town Pier sign.

Construction on the boardwalk is ongoing and large areas are back to looking just about like a boardwalk.

These picture came from an arcade that recently re-opened. Their carousel and shooting arcade are now open, but you can see how many games and displays were destroyed.

I will be posting in the next few days on Ocean Grove, NJ.

What has your experience been like recovering from Sandy?

Through the Sole would also like to send best wishes to everyone effected by two recent tragedies, the Boston Marathon bombings and the Texas fertilizer plant fire.

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