Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Boot Shopping at Marshalls and Famous Footwear

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I live in boots when temperatures drop. Unfortunately, after a season, I often find my boots get pretty dead, so each season I am on the hunt for new comfortable and stylish boots.

This year I was looking for flat booties and flat tall boots. My job often requires many hours on my feet, so I want to be comfortable and stylish.

I hit up two of my favorite discounters, Marshalls and Famous Footwear and walking away with 3 pairs of boots.


I picked up these Nine West fringe booties in Marshalls for $25.

As I previously shared, Marshalls is a great place to find boots.

Most booties have high heels, which are very difficult to walk in. These are nice and flat. The fringe adds a fun touch. They are more on the casual side, but with the right outfit can be work appropriate, depending on how formal your office is. These booties work great with pants or work well to dress down skirts and dresses. The color works with black and brown.

I have been wearing them a ton as a fall transitional shoe. However, I do wish they have more padding. My feet tend to become tired by the end of the day. I have been adding very thin insoles to help.

As I have revealed before, I often shop in the kids section for boots. Its a great way to get stylish boots from great companies for less. These Nine West boots are kids. The size 4 is a size 6 womens'. Great tip for those of us with small feet!

The difficulty with Marshalls is that selection is sometimes limited, lacking a full range of sizes. Items are often from the season before. However, the thrill of a find for a steal is amazing!

Famous Footwear:

Famous Footwear has a much larger shoe selection than Marshalls. Unlike Marshalls, you can also shop online. If you find a shoe in store that they don't have in your size, be sure to check online.The shoes are also usually same season. The downside is they offer less of a discount. Be sure to join their rewards club to earn points towards rewards certificates (free shoes!) and other coupons.

Lately, I find myself buying more and more shoes at Famous Footwear. One trip to the store, and I found 2 pairs of nice tall, stylish and comfy boots.

Riding Boots:

Life Stride brown riding boots for $51.

I wore these boots all day for the first time today, and they are so comfortable! They felt slightly snug at first but adjusted to hug my feet without being too tight. The insoles have a nice amount of cushioning.

I also love the rich brown color and the metal accent on the side. I find brown boots, especially those made from faux leather, look so much richer. These run true to size. The color is great with brown pants and jeans. Its light enough to be worn with black. The gussets in the back help them fit over pants.

Studded Boots:

Aerosoles studded grey boots for $44

After 2 seasons of wear, my previous grey boots were worn out. These grey boots provide a much needed update. The sole is cushioned and the color is versatile. They have a slight wedge, which I find helps prevent heel pain. The studs are of the moment. These boots are also a bit dressy.

What do you think of my boot choices? Where do you shop for boots?

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  1. I live in boots when temperatures drop. Unfortunately, after a season, I often find my boots get pretty dead, so each season I am on the hunt for ...