Monday, November 22, 2010

To Repair or Not to Repair: The Growing Trend to Repair Shoes

After finally finding the perfect black flats, stylish, classic, and comfy, I looked down one day to find one of the military-inspired straps had come loose. I was faced with a dilemma—should I repair it or search for a replacement?

I recently discussed how Mayor Bloomberg only owns two pairs of shoes. He is able to keep those two pairs of dress shoes for so long is through regular repairs.

However, his shoes were expensive to begin with, so the repairs seem worthy. For me, my shoes were Steve Madden flats bought at Century 21 (New York City’s amazing discounter) for $25. The estimate for the repair was up to $12.

I ultimately decided to get them repaired because they were comfortable and stylish. I did not want to have to try to shop for their replacement. Luckily, they cost less than expected, $8 to repair.

I am not alone in my decision to repair shoes.

According to WTOK, although many businesses face declines in a recession, show repairers often see an increase in business. One reason maybe when money is tighter people would rather spend less and repair shoes they would have otherwise thrown out and replaced (Brown, 2010 & Ashcraft, 2010).

Do you repair or replace your shoes? Has the economy affected your decision?

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