Friday, November 26, 2010

Giant Blow-up Shoes: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons

Can you imagine shoes a couple of stories high and filled with air? The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloons wear just these shoes.

On Wednesday, I went to the blowing up of the balloons near Central Park. This event happens every year before the parade and includes thousands of people. It’s an amazing way to see the balloons up close, but be prepared for massive crowds.

I braved the crowds to bring you pictures, especially of shoes and feet.

Here is a peg-legged pirate.

I know this isn’t technically a shoe, but see a close-up of his pegleg.

Sponge Bob may be a small sea sponge, but on Thanksgiving, he soars above with large black and white shoes.

Ronald McDonald was ready to ice skate down the parade route. In the crowds and low lighting, I did not get a good picture of the rest of his body.

Kermit may not wear shoes, but see the size of his feet.

Snoopy wear a helmet to protect his head, but alas no shoes to protect his feet.

That’s the end of shoes and feet, but I hope you enjoy the rest of the balloons.

There was the Kool-Aid mascot and a large Macy’s football

Next, was a fireman.


Hello Kitty

Three very large balls

Sailor Mickey Mouse was being blown up when I was there. It takes about 45 minutes to fully inflate, so even standing there a few minutes you could see progress. You can also see his still deflated brown shoes.

Dairy of a Wimpy Kid

Giant Pumpkins

Kung-Fu Panda



To infinity and beyond! Buzz Lightyear

Santa Clause


Have you ever gone to see the balloon inflated or the parade? Do you watch the parade every year?

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Of course, I am very thankful for all my amazing readers.

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