Saturday, December 11, 2010

Nose Jobs, Liposuction…Now plastic surgery for feet

Botox, tummy tucks, face-lifts, breast augmentation, limp plumpers, nose jobs, and liposuction: we are surrounded by stories of people using plastic surgery to change their appearances. Now, the trend is really from head to toe with a growing number of women opting for cosmetic surgery to make their feet look better and sometime to make high-heels more comfortable.

Some observers are calling the trend the 'Sex and the City' effect after the supposed obsession with shoes the show caused (Dakss, 2005).

The procedures can costs up to $3,000 and foot plastic surgery industry is estimated to be a $45 million business, according to ABC News’ Nightline

Many women want surgery on their feet to make them look better in shoes. Although some women have surgery because of pain or emotional distress, many opt to have surgery for cosmetic reasons. These women feel that having a toe that is too long, bunions, or too plump feet limits their shoe choices or makes them look unattractive (Hubbard & Singh, 2010).

To make toes shorter, surgeons dislocate the toe, cut a small section of bone out, and then use a titanium rod to hold the toe back in place (Hubbard & Singh, 2010).

Another procedure is a pinky-toe tuck in which fat is removed from the toe to make it look longer (Hubbard & Singh, 2010).

To make high-heels more comfortable, doctors can try to create permanent padding. To do so, fat is liposuctioned from the patient’s belly and inject into the balls of their feet (Hubbard & Singh, 2010).

To see images of feet before and after surgery, see below or click HERE (you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Although making high-heels more comfortable may seem beneficial, there are major risks involved with foot cosmetic surgery. The American Podiatric Medical Association and officially opposed by the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) discourages it because of the risks and potential for complications (Hubbard & Singh, 2010). The surgery can lead to permanent nerve damage and pain, infections, scarring, and reoccurrence of the problem the patient was trying to correct.

According to Dr. Nancy Kadel, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Washington Medical Center, "The danger is people are starting to view foot surgery as similar to having a pedicure…It's really a lot more involved. There are lots of little nerves in your foot, and surgery doesn't always turn out perfectly" (Kadel quoted in Davidow, 2004).

While some plastic surgeons will perform the surgeries to enhance the patient’s looks, others will only perform them if there is a medical reason, such as pain (Dakss, 2005).

However, some plastic surgeons defend the cosmetic procedures, claiming that many of the patients that seek such surgeries are under stress due to their perceived foot problems (Davidow, 2004).

Overall, I couldn’t imagine getting cosmetic surgery for my feet. It seems a shame to me that women are so willing to risk their health in their fight for perfection. Also, it you’re wearing cute shoes, aren’t people looking more at the shoe that your toes?

What do you think? Would you get cosmetic surgery for your feet?

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