Friday, July 16, 2010

Designing a Shoe: Part 2

It’s time to continue learning how shoes are designed.  (For part 1, visit here) Now the shoe starts to come alive. Although black shoes are classic, who doesn’t want color and decorations?

Step 3)

Once a rough sketch is made, the color and materials are picked. Rough sketches are often done quickly just to get an idea down. The further sketches make the idea for concrete.

Step 4)

Now technology and computers come in. Like many other fields, computers have changed the design process. Shoe designers use computer aided drawing (CAD) to make a 3-dimensional model of the shoe. This allows them to see how it is structurally without making a physical model. Technology as changed shoe design because it has sped up the process. Now shoes can be designed quicker. It has also changed the skills shoe designers need. Now instead of just art and drawing skills they need computer skills as well.

Step 5) 

Specification is designed to give the manufacture specific instructions on how to make the shoe. Often in comes in the form of a specification sheet scene above. It gives specific details on measurements, materials, and how to put them together. It is used to make the first model.


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