Sunday, March 1, 2015

Whether #thedress is white and gold or blue and black here are the shoes to wear

By now, you have probably seen this dress and the debate over whether it is white and gold or blue and black. 

But with a dress that has the whole Internet blowing up about what color it is, I couldn't help but think, what shoes should you wear?

It is now decided that the dress is blue and black, but depending on the lighting, it can be seen as white and gold, Thus, you need shoes that go with both.

Here are the shoes I would wear with the dress:

Nude shoes:

Nude shoes, like my Nine West pair go with any outfit, regardless of color. They bring attention to a dress and lengthen our legs.

Metallic shoes:

Metallic shoes work with any color, just like nude shoes, but add more interest. These work with both blue and black and white and gold.

A shoe like the one above matches the bandage look of the dress.

Patterned shoes:

To mix in all the colors and bring attention to you feet, go with a patterned pop of color.

What shoes would you wear with #thedress?

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1 comment:

  1. HAHA good way to crack this Internet dress craze - I never "get it" to be honest. But you are right! There will always be a great pair for that dress no matter what color it is.