Monday, July 25, 2011

Cute, Comfy, and Classic Ballet Flats from Lands’ End

Even though its summer and time for flip-flops and sandals, sometime you want ballet flats, even if it’s just to hide an old pedicure.

Unfortunately, while a lot of flat shoes seem sensible and good for your feet, they often lack support, leading to fallen arches and foot pain (Vansickle, n.d.).

Thus, I ordered Lands’ End’s Emma Classic Ballet Shoes because promise arch support and cushioning. They are now selling for only $15.19 and come in summery colors like silver, light red, and yellow.

 I ordered red which is a denim fabric that is lightweight and summery. I like them as a pop of color.

I also ordered silver, which is a pale metallic shade which can be dressy and goes with almost everything.

 Although I usually dislike ordering shoes online, I knew I already like Lands’ Shoes and what size I wore. If you don’t know what size you wear, try going to your local Sears. Many have Lands’ End stores so you can try on shoes even if they don’t have the right style or color. Check for store locations here.

I also knew Lands’ End has a generous return policy and would take them back if they were uncomfortable or didn’t fit. You can also return them to your local Sears if they carry Lands’ End.

Plus, I couldn’t beat the price!

Overall, the shoes are comfy and cute!

They have a very classic shape up the colors make them fun. I also like that they are lower cut in the front, show a sliver of toe cleavage.

The materials are lightweight so your feet don’t sweat.

The shoes require a slight break in period, but caused only one blister. They are more cushioned and supportive than a traditional flat. However, I tend to prefer very cushy shoes and would have liked even more support.

The red denim pair fit me in my usual size but I found the silver pair a bit tighter and had to return them for a half size larger.

In the end, you can’t beat the style and comfort, especially for the price!
What do you think of Lands’ End’s shoes?

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