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Cheap Summer Fun! Miss Trish of Capri for Target Summer 2011 Collection

If you want fun and cute summer shoes, check out Miss Trish of Capri Summer 2011 collection for Target. After popular previous collaborations, this collection of wedges, sandals, and dressy flip-flops is playful, well-designed and comfortable.

The materials are cheaper than the regular designs but come a sharp discount. The designer’s shoes can be upwards of $300 while the Target collection tops out at $30. This is much cheaper than even when you find Miss Trish shoes in discounters, such as Daffy’s.

 I happened to check out my local Target and found them on clearance for 50 percent off. I purchased a pair of green wedges with flowers for $15 and my mom purchased blue flowered flip-flops for $10. The selection of styles was limited but there were many sizes available. Online more styles are available but they have not yet been marked down.

My new Miss Trish of Capri for Target green flower wedges. 

My mom's new blue flower flip-flops.

The styles in the women’s collection include my flower wedge in lime green or pale pink. The wedge is about 6 inches high with a 2 inch platform front. It is a flip-flop with a strap design in patent leather. The wedges part features and woven texture. The flower and butterfly on the front are made of metal. I found them very easy to walk in given the height. However, the strap across the front is a bit tight if you have a high instep. I found them to run small and purchased a half size larger. 

The second wedge in the collection features brown faux leather straps holding gold and tan metal circles, the main one which has a sea horse. The wedge bottom design is the same as that of the flower wedge. This shoe only comes in the one color scheme. I found the design to be clunky even though I have a small foot. I did like that this was the only shoe in the collection to feature Miss Trish’s signature sea themed motifs, like sea horses and starfish. I wish these motifs were more present in the collection.

There are two flip-flop styles in the collection, the flower pair my mom purchased and a pineapple style.

The flower flip-flop is made of patent leather with a large plastic flower on the straps. The flower has a rhinestone center about the size of a quarter. The bottom is on a slight angle and has a little padding. The shoe comes in the blue, shown above, bright pink, an odd shade of green, orange, and bright yellow. I only saw the blue in person, but I don’t really like the other colors.

The pineapple flip-flop has wide straps in a pale yellow with a large metal pineapple with rhinestones. They are flat with smooth faux-leather soles on a very slight angle. These are a little dressier flip-flop. I like the style although the bottoms may be a bit uncomfortable.

The final style is a flat black sandal with a metal rhinestone-encrusted jaguar in the center. I did not see these in person, but they look very nice. They seem to be able to be dressed up or down and quite stylish.

If you have small feet, you may also want to look in the girls’ collection. Miss Trish did both toddler and girls collections in addition to the ladies. Add two sizes to the kids’ size to get the ladies size, for example a size 4 is a size 6. Many of the girls’ styles come up to a size 5 girls. The styles look like they can be worn by adults.

Overall, the Miss Trish collection brings designer shoes at a reasonable price. They shoes are well designed and comfortable, even if not made of the best materials.

What do you think of the shoes? Have you purchased a pair or any pairs from other Target collections?

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