Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cheesy! Shoes Made of Melted Cheese

"Jimmy Cheese" shoes made of melted cheddar cheese.

You’ve heard of Lady Gaga’s meat shoes and dress. Inspired by the singer, a group of fashion and textile students at Bath Spa University in England, have made dresses and shoes out of one ton of melted cheddar cheese.   

The whole collection includes two dresses, “Jimmy Cheese” shoes, and a handbag.

The two dresses, a ballgown (left) and a transparent dress.

It took 1000 hours to make the collection. The cheese was heat molded and sculpted. The students used the brand Pilgrim’s choice, specifically Vintage, Extra Mature and Red Leicester cheeses.

“Their creativity and ingenuity has stunned us, and we thought we knew all there was to know about cheese…Who would have known that cheese could look so chic” said Hannah Jenkins from Pilgrims Choice about the collection, according to the Daily Mail.

The collection's handbag.

The detail of the collection seems pretty amazing. From the pictures, its hard to tell the items are even made of cheese. What do you think?

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