Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How New Balance makes 4 million pairs of sneakers in the U.S.

I was able to visit New Balance's factory in Lawrence, MA and see how they make sneakers, for my job.

I will never look at a pair of sneakers the same way. So many parts and skills go into making each pair, yet the manufacturing associates are only supposed to touch them for 22.5 second each! That's even for things like hand stitching and cutting leather. The sneaker goes from raw materials to box in less than 3 hours.

While many of its competitors moved their manufacturing overseas, New Balance makes over 4 million pairs at its 5 factories in the U.S.

To learn more check out the video I produced and read my full article on CNBC

An overview of New Balance's values.

New Balance manufacturing associates add laces and finish the sneakers.

A New Balance associate packages sneakers
New Balance sneakers ready for shipping

Please note: This post does not reflect the views of my employer. 

Would you buy New Balance sneakers?

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