Sunday, November 6, 2016

The oh-so-fashionable sneaker

When high-heel loving celebrities like Victoria Beckham ditch their heels for sneakers, you know the sneaker has become fashionable.

Nike Tanjun in White and Orange

It started a few years ago with sneaker wedges and now all sorts of retro shoes and trainers are being rocked as both part of an athleisure trend and general fashion.

Over the summer I decided to get in on the trend by buying the Nike Tanjun in white from Famous Footwear for $55.

The solid white look made them summery, without being too outlandish. Perfect for trying out sneakers for non-athletic purposes. I was instantly impressed with their cushioning and how they were comfortable for a whole day with lot of walking.

I tried them out with a few different outfits, including skirts and dresses and they added a fun casual but fashion-forward edge.

I even tried wearing them to work, and with the right outfit they worked. The only problem? They get dirty easily. I am able to hand wash them, but lately have been having more trouble getting stains out.

To avoid the dirt issue, I also bought a pair in bright orange. These are loud, but I have had multiple people stop me to tell me how cute they are.

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While these get dirty less easily than the white, they do get dirty as well. I have had success hand washing them.

While many designer brands make sneakers, Allure says it's the affordable Vans than have been all around fall's fashion shows.

Have you gotten into the sneaker trend? Which do you like wearing?

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