Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My running essentials

I've talked about the sneakers I choose for running, but logging miles requires other equipments. Here are my favorites.

For my Snapchat followers, I understand this is a repeat, with some extra details. For others, why are you not on Snapchat?... just kidding. I decided to try doing more of a story on Snap after seeing other websites, like PopSugar do some interesting stories.

Buddy Pouch, $13.99 Amazon

On longer training runs, I need to hydrate, but I find belts rub clothing wearing it out and holding a bottle in my hand can become a drag. I love this pouch that magnetically attaches to my waist band. Now if only they could make the bottle larger...

Supcase Samsung Galaxy s7 $14.99, Amazon

When the weather warms up, I need a place for my phone and use this arm band. I love that nothing covers the screen, I find it much easier to adjust settings on the go.

GU Energy Gel Chocolate Outrage, $11.60 for 8, Amazon

For my longer runs, I find gels help me power through and keep from hitting the wall. I originally wanted fruit flavored, but I love this chocolate flavor, it tastes like chocolate pudding. I also like the GU gels are more concentrated, meaning less to eat during a run.


Back when I used to participate in figure skating camps, I used to drink tons of Gatorade. Now that I am running, I find myself drinking it again. I like the electrolytes and find they help me feel better when I am sweating a lot. For shorter runs or when using gels, I like the low calorie G2 for electrolytes without too much sugar.

Old Navy Go-Dry Cool Compression Bermudas, $18

Once temperatures heat up, I prefer running in shorts, which unfortunately can lead to thigh chaffing. These are the perfect length to prevent that, but still keep me cool. They have held up through lots of races and training. They have a small pocket in the front for essentials. I have gotten various prints on clearance for as little as $5.

Kirkland Active Top, ~$19.99, Costco

I am hoping Costco comes out with more of these and temperatures warm up. I love the t-shirt style, which prevents sunburn, the small zipper pocket for essentials, like keys or a gel, and the mesh to keep me cool. 

Kirkland Active Jacket, $29.99, Costco

I have multiple Costco active jackets and they are my favorite. This one is still available and has wind proof patches, a hidden hood, and thumbholes to keep your hands warm. Plus two large pockets to stash my phone and essentials. Can't beat the price!

I love Uniqlo and have loved their heattech collection for years. I tried it out for running in the cold as a base  layer and love it. Keeps me warm, is thin and stretchy, and absorbs sweat.


I've used Aquaphor for years for chapped lips and dry patches. I also now apply it liberally to prevent chaffing on long runs.

Pantagonia Sweater Fleece Vest

I got this vest as a gift and I love it. It keeps me warm on cool days and keep my arms free to move. The pockets are great for my phone and essentials. Also, lesson learned. I originally bought a down vest for running, which is bad idea. Down absorbs the sweat and takes a while to dry, making you cold.

Foam Roller

I regularly foam roll to help loosen my muscles and prevent soreness. It feels weird at first, but works. This foam roller I got for $5 in Five Below. It's a bit small and beginning to smash down, but does the trick. The perfect way to test and see if I liked foam rolling.

I know there are some essentials I am missing, like socks and a sports bra. I just haven't found one I really love yet, but I will keep you posted.

As a heads up, these endorsements represents my personal views and I was in no way compensated.

What are your essentials for running?

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