Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy 100 Posts Through the Sole!

Last post was Through the Sole's 100th post! It took over 3 years, but is an important milestone.

Fittingly, the last post was on the shoes Kate Middleton wore to bring her new royal baby home. The Duchess of Cambridge has been the most popular topic on Through the Sole, including the post to get the most hits, The Royal Wedding: Kate Middleton’s Wedding Shoes. The Princess is also the subject of the post to receive the second most hits, Royal Fashion: Kate Middleton’s Shoe Choices.

Lady Gaga rounds out the tops three most hit on posts, Celebrities and Shoes: The Wacky and Inspiring Shoe Choices of Lady Gaga. She is the second most popular topic. 

Other popular topics in this first 100 posts include ice skates, the royal wedding, Jeremy Lin and shoe statistics.

In the first 100 posts I also shared my experiences living through Hurricane Sandy, shoe shopping, and how shoes can make a difference.

Some of the Through the Sole topics may not seem so shoe like, such as the Planned Parenthood and Susan G. Komen for the Cure controversy, but I truly believe you can see the world through the lens of shoes.

I hope you continue to read my blog and to see the world through shoes. Here's to another 100 posts!

What posts would you like to see going forward?

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