Monday, February 2, 2015

Katy Perry wore shoes with 12,600 Swarovski crystals for the Super Bowl Halftime show

If you were performing in front of thousands of people and on millions of TV sets, what shoes would you wear?

According to People Style Watch, Katy Perry wore Custom LaDuca booties adorned with 12,600 Swarovski crystals when she performed for the Super Bowl's Half Time.

As you see in the above screen shots, the pop star wore the same shoes from start to end of the performance. Also check out the photos Moschino designer, Jeremy Scott shared on Instagram, embedded below. 

If you're looking to draw attention to you feet, what better way than with blinged-out shoes?

A photo posted by Jeremy Scott (@itsjeremyscott) on

Can you imagine being on that mechanical lion in such high heels?

According to Footwear News, shoe brand LaDuca has also designed shoes for the Rockettes. 

These shoes are made for dancing. You won't find  LaDuca in a regular store, the brand specializes in dance shoes.

A photo posted by Jeremy Scott (@itsjeremyscott) on

What do you think of Katy Perry's shoe choice for the Super Bowl? What did you think of Half Time as a whole?

A photo posted by Jeremy Scott (@itsjeremyscott) on

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