Saturday, November 28, 2015

The quest for new running sneakers

My new Saucony Grid Shadow Genesis Running Shoe

I recently took up running and learned that I needed some new sneakers. Here are the new shoes and brand I choose, plus an update on my prior choices.

Back in March, I had finally found two pairs of sneakers after searching at many stores. My choices were decent at the time, but didn't fit my new interest in running.

The sneaker update

Nike Air Relentless 4

The Nike Air Relentless are lightweight, but still have cushioning with a roomier, less glove-like fit.

Unfortunately, I tend to be hard on my shoes and by September the shoes began to wear out, earlier than I hoped. I had been wearing them for Zumba, the elliptical, and sometimes every day wear when I knew I would be on my feet a lot.

Now if I wear them for longer periods, my arches hurt. They just lost support and cushioning

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3

The Mizuno Wave Prophecy have tons of cushioning, especially in the heel, but throughout. They still feel like pillows when I put them on. Unfortunately they are beginning to wear down and do not work for running for me. They have a tighter toe box which as my feet swell and if I strike on the forefront, begins to press in, resulting in arch and ball of foot pain.

I like the cushioning and they have lasted a decent amount of time, but the toe-box shape is not right for my foot. 

The quest for new sneakers

I started my search this time where I succeeded last time, Rack Room Shoes. I went after a day of work and working out and decided to try on multiple pairs from multiple brands. 

My goal was to find the most comfortable shoes that would give me the support I need for running. I had read in the NY Times that going for shoes that seemed the most comfortable was proven in a study of military recruits to help prevent injuries. However, I knew that trying the tactic last time resulting in shoes that hurt.

The store's sales staff tried to be helpful, giving me time to try on shoes and helping me get a discount.

Unfortunately I found out after I left the store that I overpaid for them. Other discount retailers had the same shoes for less money and so they will be going back.

The good thing I learned was that Saucony's wider toe box and cushioning seemed to work for my feet.

So I decided to turn online. I went to Famous Footwear cause they had a good selection, good prices, and a good rewards program. Plus, I knew I could easily return them to the store.

This time I went with reviews from recent purchasers and running blogs. I chose to reorder the pair I purchased in Rack Room Shoes for less and another pair of Sauconys. These were the winner.

Saucony Grid Shadow Genesis Running Shoe

The Saucony Grid Shadow Genesis has the wider-toe box and cushioning I need, but are also super light weight. The first time I took them out for a run, they had the support I needed and my foot hurt less. I also like that the soles are flexible.

This style is unfortunately no longer made. I wound up paying just $21 from Famous Footwear since they were on clearance and I had a coupon. I would have paid more if needed, but these fit the bill.

I am still on the quest for a second pair of sneakers so I have a back-up and can trade-off. I will keep you posted on that and how my new sneakers hold up.

What do you look for when you shop for sneakers?

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