Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Yet another new pair of sneakers

I decided to give Asics a run!

As I wrote in my last post on sneakers, I was still on the hunt for a second pair, looking for a pair that offered the cushioning and support my feet needed, especially as I train for longer runs.

I started my  running journey a few months ago, just barely making it through a mile. I completed my first race, a 4 miler on New Years, and now am working my way up to a 10k.

Crossing the finish line for my first race in my Saucony Grid Shadow Genesis Running shoes

The Saucony sneakers I own have the support I need and are super light weight. I am happy with the amount of cushioning but wondered if I would do better on longer runs with more.

After recommendations from friends, I decided to try Asics, as I heard their gel cushioning was great.

 I choose to order online through Famous Footwear because they had a wide selection and even though some pairs weren't discounted, you still got their rewards.

I ordered a few pairs, and decided to keep the Gel Cumulus 17, which I paid $90 for.

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The Gel Cumulus is designed for neutral runners, not rolling in or out, and has gel in both the front and heel. Its designer for longer distances.

I have tried them out for treadmill and street runs, plus Zumba, and am very happy. They are slightly heavier than the Saucony pair I own, but have better cushioning.

What do you look for when you buy sneakers?

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